Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Battle Harbour 13

Battle Harbour 13

Those of you who have been on this list for some time know that I enjoy photographing boats and old houses. Battle Harbour had plenty of both when I was there in July, 2004. In fact the workers even affectionately called one section of the community "Ghost Town"

Recently I uploaded a video entitled  "Ghost Town" - Battle Harbour to my Blog and I received a message asking me if I would consider changing the name of the video because it might give tourists the wrong impression. The photos in the video show the old houses, fishing stages and boats as they were in 2004. As I stated earlier in this series, I assume several of the buildings in that video have been restored by now.

Here is a comment posted on that video from Peter Bull, Executive Director of Battle Harbour:

Hello Bruce. Nice photos. I would like anyone who might watch this video to know that since 2004 there have been many improvements and upgrades in Battle Harbour. We are anything but a "ghost town". We are now a vibrant tourist destination with plenty to do and see. And yes, you might see a ghost, but it certainly is not the town :-)

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