Saturday, February 07, 2015


I saw a turtle walking out of the water and stopped to photograph it.  I followed as it walked across the road, onto the grass on the opposite side. It wandered around for a bit then started to dig a hole with its hind legs.  I waited around for nearly two hours watching it dig three holes in the lawn.  When it stopped digging and moved from hole to hole fairly quickly, I assumed it was laying eggs.  Then it started filling in the holes and patting down the soil with its hind legs before walking back to the pond across the street.

I checked on line and think it is a Florida Cooter, but I am not certain.  Many people saw me taking pictures and dropped by, but no one stayed to watch for very long.  I was hoping to capture photos of the turtle laying eggs, but even though I could see its behind, I didn’t see any eggs. I did enjoy the experience and felt like I was watching an unedited wildlife film.

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