Friday, October 31, 2014



Happy Halloween!  When I was teaching this was one of my favourite days because all kids dressed up for their afternoon Halloween party at school.  All kids from Grade 1 - 6 were excited and my job for the afternoon was to try and photograph all kids in the school.  I usually started with the youngest and worked my way to the oldest.  I don't think I ever got everyone (there were over 700 kids at the time) during the 2 hour session.  When I look back at the photos I get a kick out of them, especially when some of the kids are now finished high school.  They would probably get a kick out of seeing themselves in costume.

The photos I am sharing today were taken in Holyrood and Chapel's Cove in 2002.  Interestingly, I did the same drive last year around Halloween and there were hardly any outside decorations.  I assume the kids in the house are grown and decorating for Halloween is no longer a big deal. 

 The first photo was taken in Chapel's Cove and the trailer that was decorated for Halloween is no longer there and has been replaced by a big house.

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