Thursday, October 23, 2014

Citadel Hill, Halifax 5

Citadel Hill, Halifax 5

It is an eerie coincidence that the photos of the Army Museum at Citadel Hill in Halifax were slated for today; just one day after a terrorist attack on Ottawa, Canada's Capital City.  Since it has artifacts from most major wars, the photos reflect a war theme, which is probably somewhat appropriate considering the way our country is feeling today.

I am not sure why the helmet had bullets attached around the rim, but there were at least two of them on display.  You will see photos of a variety of weapons, not nearly as high tech as those available today, but which caused a lot of destruction in their day.  The gentleman in the second last photo is a veteran who was in Australia when the telegram regarding the Japanese surrender was received.  The silhouette of a soldier is actually a mannequin dressed in uniform.  As I composed the photo I realized that, for me, it was a strong image.

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