Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interesting Things

Today I am sharing photos of interesting "things" that I saw outside stores on the main street of Mahone Bay. I liked the blue bicycle that someone had obviously painted and used as a decoration.

Close examination of the colourful flowers in the second photo shows that the bases are made of pieces of tree trunks, the stems are made of tree branches and the leaves and petals have been cut from wood and painted. The stars in the third photo were cut from wood and painted with straw tied around them.

Look closely at the seat of the chair in the fourth photo. I assume it was used in homes before we had toilets. It looks a lot more comfortable than using a big chamber pot in the middle of the night, like I did when visiting relatives who didn't have toilets.

The last photo shows a bench made from unfinished wood. Note the angled tree branch in the front that adds support to the seat and legs.

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