Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Change Islands 15

We were only on Change Islands for 5 hours and took time to have fish & chips at a local restaurant, yet I still managed to take over 1000 photos while there. If you check the last 14 posts you will understand why I took so many.

The first photo of the white house overlooking the harbour was taken near the end of one road on the south island. The others were taken on another road overlooking the "tickle" looking back towards the north island.

My brother has a Canon 18-200mm lens which means that he doesn't have to change lenses while on a shoot. I still carry my camera bag with 4 lenses, flash and accessories and have to change lenses frequently. He likes the convenience of not carrying a camera bag and not having to change lenses. I have read many reviews of that particular lens and am trying to decide if I should buy it. If you have experience with it, feel free to let me know. You can comment on the Blog or email me at

I like photographing doors and the third photo shows an interesting view of an open door on someone's shed. The last photo shows a large white and red stage that is framed by two stages in the foreground. I had to include the stages in the foreground because I couldn't get a clear shot of the stage on the opposite side. However, when I saw the reds and whites in the scene, I composed the shot to ensure I had both.

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