Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Change Islands 8

Today's photos of Change Islands are a little different. During my walk through the community I photographed houses and other more abstract subjects.

The first photo is a view of a small harbour on the north island. It was obviously low tide and I liked the colour of the seaweed in the foreground.

The day we visited this scenic community was the first day of the food fishery. Since 1992 the cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador has been closed beacause of the decimation of the northern cod stocks. A few years ago our federal government allowed a food fishery in which residents of the province could catch a few codfish for food. The commercial cod fishery is still relatively non-existent. The people who caught the cod in this photo said there were lots of fish in Notre Dame Bay and that everyone who had participated had caught their limit of 15 fish and that all were a good size.

I liked the empty lawn chairs with the harbour and ocean in the background. I make many photographs of this type as I wander through towns looking for photos.

The yellow house attracted my attention as I photographed the well-maintained fishing stages. I made several photos of it because it was the only house I saw that appeared to be vacant.

The final shows a house overlooking the ocean on the north island. I shot this photo from across a small harbour with my 70-300 mm lens. You can see this house in the first photo above.

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