Friday, September 27, 2019

Salmonier Nature Park 3

Salmonier Nature Park 3

We saw two great-horned owls, but they were behind the trees so I didn't get a photo of them during this visit.  We didn't see a lynx, pine marten or groundhog, but we did see one peregrine falcon that was eating a mouse.  It was on the ground, so I was shooting down through a wire enclosure.  You can see the blood on its beak.  A bull moose was relaxing in the tall grass and I stopped for a while but didn't see another moose.

There haven't been otters in the park for a few years, so I was glad to see the enclosure was open.  The kids didn't see it, but I told them to watch the ripples.  The otter swam right over, stopped and checked us out, then disappeared under the shrubs along the shoreline.  

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