Thursday, August 08, 2019

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees

I am taking a break from my Virtual Tour to share a few photos I have been taking throughout the summer.  To be honest, I have been photographing bees and insects since the weather finally improved.

Globally, people are concerned about the bee population and I am one of those people.  I let dandelions grow all over my property, but there were few bees because it was too cool.  There weren't many bees visiting the lupines in my yard either.  Probably for the same reason.  When the wild roses started to bloom, I began to see more bees, though most were very small.  Now that the fireweed is in bloom, there are more bees than I have seen all summer.  Today's photos were taken in June and show bees on Dandelions in my yard in Holyrood.

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