Monday, July 18, 2016

South Brook



South Brook
I apologize for not sending photos over the past 3 days. I was in Central Newfoundland on a “mini-Man’s Trip”.  For the past 15 years my father, two of my brothers and myself went on a photo trip that Dad called the “Man’s Trip”.   Last summer he wasn’t feeling up to it and after he passed away last December we figured that those trips would end.  This weekend my brother, son and myself went to South Brook, Pilley’s Island, Triton and Brighton.  The last time we photographed that area was in 2003.
Over the next few days I plant to share photos from this year’s trip.  I noticed a lot of changes and will provide links to the photos from 13 years ago.  In some cases there are also photos from the early 1970s on my web sites.

As you can see, the wharf in South Brook is in a sad state of disrepair.  This wharf is located directly in front of my father’s cabin, which he sold several years ago.  I have included a couple of photos of the wharf from 2003.

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