Friday, November 14, 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

This is the last of my current Remembrance Day Series and I chose to share photos of kids that were in attendance.  I'll save the photos of adults for a later date.

If you want to view more images from Remembrance Day Ceremonies, feel free to visit my Facebook albums where you will find 8 albums of images at:

While teaching at Mary Queen of Peace School a group of students created a web site dedicated to our Veterans that we called "Those Who Remember".  The site received much attention at the time and students were interviewed by the media.  When I retired, I copied the entire site and uploaded it to my web site to ensure it wouldn't be taken down.  You can visit this site at:

Feel free to share with family and friends.

Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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