Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Naples Zoo

Naples Zoo

Today I am starting a new Naple's Zoo Series.  I thought I would show you a variety of things I photographed during my most recent visit.

As soon as you enter the zoo, a bunch of bamboo trees are growing, not to far from the door.  Other exotic plants and trees were photographed as I began my walk through the zoo.  The macaw was quite beautiful, but partly in the shade so I only took one photo. The red-rumped agouti is a large rodent from South America.  The cloud leopard peeked out from behind the bushes just as I was about to leave.

Today I've uploaded TEN (10) images to my Photo of the Day Blog. - http://kbrucelane.blogspot.ca/

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I am back home after 2 months in Florida.  Unfortunately, switching my Photo of the Day to Gmail did not work.  After a couple of days, all Photo of the Day emails were blocked by Gmail and I did not have my other email programs and addresses with me.
I am trying one last attempt at getting emails to all of you.  If this doesn’t work, I am planning to give it up.
However, while I was gone, I did upload my Photos of the Day to my Blog an all photos can be viewed there.  http://kbrucelane.blogspot.ca/

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Feel free to share with family and friends.

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